Got the new Nikon D7000!

Finally, my long awaited camera upgrade! Sold my Nikon D40x to a friend at a very friendly price with some added freebies so I can have additional funds. When I asked the stores at Hidalgo for its price last December, It was Php 62,000 (body only). I just decided to wait a little bit and hoped that the price would go down come January, and it did! :)  Got my unit for Php 56,500 (body only), and the prize I got for waiting for another month got me a 50mm 1.8D lens.
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photo of a 4in x 5in negative film

Preserving some vintage photos

My father was once a photographer in the Department of National Defense (DND) in the time of President Ramon Magsaysay. He usually documents the former president and other high-level officials’ visits in different parts of the country. Upon his passing, he left with us piles of negative films and prints of old family photos as well as of his journeys with the former heads of state.
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Using a Social Network Model for a Church Website

Late last month I received an email from SocialGo expressing their interest in showcasing as their featured network for their blogsite. I was flattered of course and excited, considering that our network is not yet finished in terms of design customization. I believe they saw the potential of the idea of using social network model for Church websites.Read more

A nonie-mous Website!

Finally got my personal website up, still a lot of things to improve but it’s already in working condition. “anoniemous” is a collection of works, inspirations and observations that influence me in my craft. It’s a journal of my discoveries that I hope will define me as an artist with individuality and that my works will have a place in the people’s mind and will be identified as a nonie-mous design or a nonie-mous photo.

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